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Resort of Kalkan in Antalya Turkey


The town of Kalkan is a quiet, peaceful and charming resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. In the past if was a simple fishing village and later Kalkan became a modern seaside resort with a cozy small hotels, fine dining restaurants and a variety of shops.

So where is Kalkan located? Kalkan is located in a small bay in the Gulf of Kelemis surrounded by the Taurus mountains. Due to strict building regulations it manages to retain its unique coloring of Ottoman - Greek architecture. Due to the open position a nice light breeze is constantly blowing from the see and at the same time bay protects the city from strong gusts of wind.

History may tell more about Kalkan. In ancient times there were no settlements the territory of modern Kalkan, the bay served as a refuge for ships in bad weather and  later bay became a good haven for pirates. During the 19th century Kalkan has become one of the most important trade ports of the coast. Founded during the Ottoman Empire the port was known by the Greek name of Kalamaki. In Turkish Kalkan means "round shield". Gradually sea trade was fading away due to the development of the road transport network and finally disappears at all.

British sailors arrived here in 1960 and precipitated the city to promote tourism that became the main item of Kalkan income budget. Due to this the historic charm of the city - narrow streets, low white houses in the Greek - Ottoman style was saved so you can enjoy Kalkan in full.

So what are the things to do in Kalkan Turkey? There is one of the most beautiful Kalkan beaches in Turkey – Kaputas located in 7 kilometers from Kalkan, Kaputas Kalkan beach is the place where you can sunbathe and swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

We offer both - group guided tours to Kalkan Turkey as well as Kalkan private trips from Fethiye, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz and Calis.