Pixel Code Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz Turkey | Butterfly Valley beach in Fethiye Turkey Know more about natural reserve Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz - one of the most attractive places and beach in the surroundings of Fethiye Turkey.
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Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz Turkey


Butterfly Valley is one of the most attractive places in the surroundings of Fethiye. In 1995 the valley was declared as nature reserve and is completely closed for construction. Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) is one of the most magical and beautiful bays of Turkey. It is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz close to Oludeniz and you can get there by boat only.

Its romantic name the valley got due to the extraordinarily beautiful tiger butterfly of the «Arctiidae» family. Most of tiger butterflies can be seen in early June. Colonies of these fascinating moths are flitting in a protected valley until late October. Almost all species of butterflies that live on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea can be found in the Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of these moths and take some memorable pictures of beautiful nature reserve you need to go to one of the waterfalls in the Oludeniz Butterfly Valley. The numerous trails lead from coast to waterfalls meandering among the impeccably beautiful scenery. By selecting one of them you can get to the second waterfall among the fragrant aromas of herbs and flowers. All along the way you will see a lot of bright butterflies that take off to the air with your appearance forming a living cloud.

After visiting the valley you can swim in the waters of its beautiful bay with a sandy Butterfly Valley beach. The water in the bay is very clean and has beautiful turquoise color. There is a small cafe and a shop on the beach where travelers can buy cute souvenirs and gifts.

You may get to Butterfly Valley taking our boat trip from Oludeniz.